“Thats a wrap!” said the angry director who asked for a pita

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Having a cute waiter like I’ll have the chicken with a side of that dick

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it’s been 20 years for fuck sake Usagi get your shit together

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Playing cute with my new outfit! those are unicorns! <3Those shorts used to be pants that lost to the chubrub.

***please do not reblog in to porn/bbw blogs***

freaking the fuck out over how cute you are!


lmafo did he just enchant him?


lmafo did he just enchant him?

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Jon Stewart, explaining to young people why books are awesome.

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this may not make sense to any of my followers but this is my small achievement in life so far, i have had trichotillomania since i was 12 and now, at 18, i think i have finally taken major steps to overcoming it, after shaving it all off almost a year ago. it is possible, trichsters. i promise, tomorrow holds such better days. feel free to talk to me and ask questions, also <3

it has been a little over a year now and i can gladly say i am one year pull-free!!!

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Video showing what my giveaway will be this time around (*hint hint* modcloth).  I’ll be posting all of the rules/actual giveaway posts here very soon! (:

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